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How is Sylvanix different from other composite deck boards?

Sylvanix deck boards have an unmatched realistic wood look and feel due to a proprietary wire brush treatment. Our wire brush treatment helps to remove gloss off of the surface of the deck board while increasing slip resistance. We also offer the industry’s first dual color deck board (found in our Elite Collection decking) which creates less SKU’s and inventory demand for our partners. Sylvanix also prides itself on density and overall strength which is second to none.

Where are the trees planted for every deck board sold?

Through our partnership with Trees for the Future, trees are planted in areas which will make the most impact. Currently, trees are being planted in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea, and Tanzania. For more information about Trees for the Future, please visit the following link.

Where does the recycled plastic and wood used for Sylvanix products come from?

One of the great strengths of Sylvanix is our commitment to sustainability and protecting our world. All Sylvanix products are made using recycled plastic and recycled wood. The plastic used in our products is known as HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and it comes from post-consumer plastics in the United States. Here are some commonly recycled items which end up in Sylvanix products because of our use of recycled HDPE usage: milk bottles, food and cosmetic containers, pails, grocery bags, and more. The wood in our products is eucalyptus hardwood and it comes from furniture manufacturer’s. As furniture manufacturers cut down large wood boards to make items like nightstands, dressers, and headboards; a lot of wood is lot in their post-processing and slated for their local landfill. Sylvanix strategically partners with furniture manufacturers to help collect and reuse their wood excess to create our beautiful products.

Recommended joist spacing will depend on your particular application. In most residential applications, Sylvanix decking will be installed 16” on center when your deck board is 90 degrees or perpendicular to your joist. If your Sylvanix decking is running on a 45 degree angle, you will install your Sylvanix decking 12” on center. For more detailed information on installation Sylvanix deck boards, please refer to our Installation Guide.

What type of fastener do you recommend for Sylvanix?

Sylvanix wholeheartedly recommends the Tigerclaw TC-G clip for fastening Sylvanix deck boards. While we love the Tigerclaw TC-G clip, we also give you the freedom to choose a different method which you may be more comfortable with or have easier access to. Sylvanix deck boards are designed to work with all popular universal hidden fastening systems on the market. Not sure if your suggested fastening method is a good fit for your upcoming Sylvanix deck, please contact us here.

Does Sylvanix produce railing?

At the current time, Sylvanix does not offer a railing solution but we are seeing demand for a high quality, low maintenance railing solution and are exploring future options.

What are riser or fascia boards?

Riser and fascia boards are wider and slimmer variations of a normal composite deck board. These boards act as a covering and are not structural elements. Riser boards are commonly used on stairs to help you achieve the perfect stair height while fascia boards are commonly used to trim or skirt around your deck covering up your joist’s underneath. Riser and fascia boards are not necessary to create a beautiful Sylvanix deck, but they do help to add aesthetic appeal and put the finishing touch on your outdoor oasis.

Does Sylvanix have riser and fascia boards?

Yes, Sylvanix has a complete product offering for both the Elite Collection and Skyline Series with riser and fascia boards available. With our riser and fascia boards, the boards are not finished on both sides as only one side needs to be exposed for their use.

What lengths are Sylvanix boards available in?

Sylvanix currently offers decking across the Elite Collection and Skyline Series in 12', 16', and 20' grooved profiles. Grooved boards are designed for hidden fastening systems and allow for a seamless deck surface free of visible screws, etc. We also offer 20' deck boards in a square edge profile. These square edge boards are commonly used to trim or picture frame your deck and give a more polished presentation since the sides of the board do not have visible grooves. Lastly, we offer both riser and fascia boards in 12’ lengths.

What is the cap of a deck board and what is it made out of?

The cap of a deck board is the exterior layer of plastic covering the entire board (except for the cut sides of the board which expose the core of the board). The exterior surface of Sylvanix decking is made of polymer plastic and receives our proprietary wire brush treatment to create the most realistic wood emulation with the benefits of engineered plastic.

Is there expansion and contraction?

Yes, as with all materials there is thermal expansion and contraction. Sylvanix deck boards normally have a finite amount of thermal expansion and contraction depending on your environment and seasonal temperatures. As such, we recommend specific spacing instructions depending on your location and local temperatures. Please refer to our Installation Guide for more detailed information on spacing considerations.

Is there a warranty? How long does the product last? Does it fade?

Sylvanix products carry a 25 year stain, fade, rot, warp, split and splinter warranty. For more detailed information, please refer to our Product Warranty and Stain & Fade Warranty.

Do the boards get hot?

As with most products that receive multiple hours of sunlight, Sylvanix deck boards may be warm in the summer months but should never get hot enough to burn you. As a good rule of thumb, darker colors will get warmer in the sun.

How much does Sylvanix cost?

Sylvanix decking products carry a MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) between $3.50 - $4.50 per linear foot. Pricing varies nationwide as shipping cost and other factors influence the final price. Sylvanix products were designed to outclass the competition and deliver a better overall value for the money. Sylvanix products are an investment into your outdoor living space meant to be enjoyed for many years.

What happens to the material after 25 years? Can it be recycled?

Sylvanix stands behind our products and designs products to outlast our warranty. When the time comes for replacement of your Sylvanix products, we hope to have a recycling program established.

How do I clean Sylvanix decks?

Sylvanix products are designed with low maintenance in mind. Sylvanix products can be washed with either soapy water and a soft bristled brush or with a power washer (recommended max. 1500psi pressure). You should ensure to spray in the direction of the grain of the boards and use a fan tip nozzle (min. 6 inches from surface) along with an appropriate cleaning product. For more detailed information, please refer to our care and maintenance document.

Are the boards fire rated?

Sylvanix decking products are currently Class C compliant. We are actively working on a special formulation for our decking which will meet specifications for use in WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) zones.



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